About Starving Artist

Starving Artist  

STARVING ARTIST is a charity Foundation located in Los Angeles California, which funds the pursuits of those in the performing arts. Providing financial support and resources for the performer who is actively working in Music, TV, Film & Theater. The goal for Starving Artist is to assist the pursuant financially so they can continue to pursue their dreams.

Why does Starving Artist Foundation Exist?? Starving Artist exists to provide a support system for actors, writers, singers, designers and other aspiring artists trying to make a career in the arts. We are here to level the playing ground for those who can’t afford the marketing materials and costumes to compete with those who can. This way the 'best' man or woman can get the job, not just the rich one.

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN IF Starving Artist DIDN'T EXIST There is no other foundation like this. Without a supply of new talent, good movies & music will cease to exist. You (the audience) will only get sequels, pre-quels, re-imagined re-makes or cover tunes but no originals. This will mean the end of favorite family traditions and local activities like annual Holiday movies and concerts. Who wants to see the next Ed Sheeran or a young Aretha? How about a Denzel or Meryl protégé?

WHAT CAN BE ACHIEVED FROM THIS NEW FOUNDATION What is not possible? There are no limits to what you can accomplish if you have the talent and the means to get there.

MAKE A DONATION: All donations will go through PayPal's secure server. You do not have to have a PayPal account to use it. They take all major credit & debit cards, also Venmo. DONATE HERE Give anything you want from $2 to $200 or more. It is all greatly appreciated. Donate Now


CONTACT US: contact @ mystarvingartist.com