LOOK AT WHAT WE HAVE ALREADY ACHIEVED Our affiliate producers discovered the brilliant Kristen Wiig by casting her in her first feature film. Lorne Green said she was one of the few SNL cast members that he could put on TV straight from the audition. No trial period needed. Together our producers have made dozens of short films, one starring the Academy Award winner Sally Kirkland & five feature films. We have been making new stars for a while now. Donate Now

STARVING ARTIST FOUNDER Carrie Cain Sparks is the owner of Carrie Cain Studios and produces under her production company, Geisha Girl Diversion. She Stars in the Hit film "Rumble in the Bronx" with Jackie Chan, stars with Samuel Jackson & Eugene Levy in "The Man", with James Woods & Anne Archer in the movie "Jane's House" and more. She guest stars on the highest rated TV series' including "X-Files" in a recurring role.

Her story

I always wanted to make my own movies since I was a young teenager. I went to film school where I met some film makers. We formed a film festival & I made over 12 short films. My colleagues pledged to produce each other’s features so we can all be legit directors and I can have more acting roles;) It was the best time of my life. I had a three picture movie deal! One of the films I produced was “Life, Death & Mini Golf” In this movie I cast a young actress named Kristen Wiig. This was her first film I believe. She was a pleasure to work with and she was all in. During the shoot, I had an unexpected life altering experience, then Kristen Wiig saved my life.

I had given up completely on the world and myself. My body was broken & now my heart is torn apart! It seemed like everyone was shi**ing on me. Like it didn’t matter if I lived or died, in fact it  seemed that it was better if I did the latter. I was about to bolt. Everyone saw my pain and ignored me, but Kristen saw me ...and stepped up. In her sweet, quirky way, she reminded the shi**ers of my worth. It gave me hope for humanity and pulled me up from the darkness. The movie might not have been finished if she wasn’t there (the situation was that dire) and I probably wouldn’t be here either if not for her   DONATEPress Donate Now

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