Her Story 2


I always wanted to make my own movies since I was a young teenager. My Mom wrote me a big fat check to go to film school where I met filmmaker friends. Afterward, we formed a film festival. I made 12+ short films. When that wrapped up, my colleagues pledged to produce each other’s feature films so we can all be legit directors and I can have more acting roles;) It was the best time of my life. I had a three picture movie deal! One of the movies I produced was “Life Death & Mini Golf” In this movie I cast a young actress named Kristen Wiig. This was her first film I believe. She was a pleasure to work with and she was all in. During the shoot, I had an unexpected life altering experience, then Kristen Wiig saved my life.

I had given up completely on the world and myself when a life altering experience occurred. Kristen Wiig saved my life. My body was broken & now my heart is torn apart! It seemed like everyone was shi**ing on me. Like it didn’t matter if I lived or died, in fact it seemed that it was better if I did the latter. I was about to bolt. Everyone saw my pain and ignored me, but Kristen saw me ...and stepped up. In her sweet, quirky way, she reminded the shi**ers of my worth. It gave me hope for humanity and pulled me up from the darkness. The movie might not have been finished if she wasn’t there (the situation was that dire) and I probably wouldn’t be here either if not for her. 

In the second movie “Bashing, I had a role as the boxing manager”. Then we shot “The Spy Who Boned Us!” This was my biggest challenge yet. I wrote this and I’m starring in it as well as producing. I was floating on air this whole time. There is some kind of magic that happens on a movie set & I cannot explain it. The pacing was manic. It was go, go, go! I don’t remember ever sleeping or feeling tired once.

I funded this movie almost entirely on residual checks I got from previous acting gigs. When we wrapped on our final scene, the checks stopped coming in. Devine timing? The gigs were getting fewer and farther between and I found myself living in my car. But my film was in the can man!


Whether I was squatting in an abandoned apartment or low key staying overnight in an office building I did administrative work for. One place I was too scared to sleep overnight was in a studio. Ghosts! I never knew what I was going to be eating. Burger King? Popeye’s? Ii enjoyed the $2 two piece Tuesdays tho. Eating was always an adventure. I was hungry but there were no bathrooms I was willing to use. I sometimes stopped eating so I wouldn’t have to go to the bathroom. I usually held it in.


My belly grew, very quickly. There was nothing alive in there folks! I didn’t have medical insurance because I couldn’t afford anything. Co-pay? Ha ha ha! I took $$ store aspirin whenever I had a pain somewhere. And a generic vitamin for my breaking down body. I went to the free clinic to see if I could get a diagnosis. The doctor was afraid to touch me. He kept pointing to my tummy...”does it hurt there?” My guess was I had a hernia. He said “And how did you come to that conclusion, Missy?” He didn’t say the ‘missy’ part but he implied it.


My skin did about as well as my hair. It got rather rough with darkish bumps all over it. I was polka dotted and very greasy. I lived for my compact powder! I couldn’t maintain any kind of skin tone. I was every color - a patchwork of micro tans. Light cheeks and a black forehead with yellow around the eyebrows. When is this nightmare going to end? I get a short reprieve with a motel room for a few nights then it would be back to simply surviving. With my hair gone and my skin dis-colored and perpetually broken out... My body is in a spiraling state of dis-repair, sadly, I withdrew from the public eye.

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